RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light
RGB Pocket Light

RGB Pocket Light

Perfect combination of size and function.

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KraftGeek Pocket RGB Light is the perfect combination of size and function. This palm-size rechargeable light provides lighting in any color and brightness from 3 hours to 30 hours.

Easy to connect with 4 cold shoe slots and 1/4‘’ mount adapter.
Seamless brightness & color temperature (2500-9900K) adjustable.
Built-in 2000mAh battery keeps 2500K for 2-3 hours.
LCD screen displays the light status precisely.

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RGB Pocket Light

Customer Reviews

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Frankie E. White
Great little light

Purchased this compact light to add some colorful flair to my photos. While it's not large, it serves my purpose adequately. The available options are good, but operating it feels a bit cumbersome with multiple button presses. A turn knob might offer a smoother experience, reducing the need for so many button presses. Nevertheless, the colors it produces are fantastic. I'm not a pro, but I hope the images I captured can assist you in deciding if this fits your needs as it does mine.

So close to perfect...

When I first saw the accessories included with this LED fill light, I thought this might be the best light I've ever had. A cool silicone diffuser, a neat little double ended cold-shoe mount, and best of all... a REMOTE! Sick! Or not...Unfortunately, shortly after opening, I realized my light was DOA. The back lcd screen would light up and display the appropriate information, but the light itself would not come on. So, I exchanged it for another one. No big deal. Thankfully, the second time was the charm, and the light turned on after the first try. I started playing around with it, used it to shoot a few quick videos, and it didn't have any issues. Until I watched some of the footage. I'd used the included diffuser, and didn't realize just how much "diffusing" it was doing. I guess the silicone is just too thick because it simply blocks too much light. The opposite side of this issue is the fact that, without the diffuser, the light is far too focused with the warmer and cooler LED's clearly visible at almost any distance. So, I think this light is probably better suited for a "work" light rather than lighting for videos and pictures.It is a little disappointing, but really it's not a bad light. Not at all. It's actually really nice. The build quality is good, it gets really bright, and the RGB colors are rich and vibrant. In other words, it's not like it's useless. As a matter of fact, I use it all the time. Just not usually during filming.

Rachael Tam
Works great.

This light is affordable and easy to use. It's simple to set up and it can be used with other devices. I can set it up on a tripod or onto of my ringlight. It's definitely good quality and it doesn't feel cheap. I definitely recommend it.

Jennifer Perez

The light has a lot of technology but I am left with power when the diffuser is placed without it. The light is very hard. Its battery is excellent and the control makes it different from the rest. But I expected more. I think they have to redesign the diffuser so that it do not take away so much power from the light

Nice with good options, bleh app and questionable design choices

This one is definitely a step up from the usual basic lights intended for social media inluencers. The included remote and light itself give lots of options for different modes and control. I unfortunately couldn’t get the app to work (I downloaded the app store version; I don’t recommend trusting outside links like the manual provides). Unfortunately, some of the light modes are questionable, and I urge you to not have the light pointed at your face when playing with them unless you want to be blinded by a dizzying array of strobing lights. The mount is a huge plus.

Mike S
Compact light, lots of options

This is a review of "KraftGeek Pocket RGB Lights, Portable Full Color LED Camera Light, Adjustable Hue & Brightness, LCD Screen, 1/4 Screw Adapter, 2000mAH Battery, Photography Lighting for Vlogging, Tripod, DSLR, GoPro". There was no tripod in what I ordered or received.This little light provides a lot of different options for how to light up your photo/video/party. It comes with a double ended cold shoe adapter. One end also has a standard 1/4" tripod screw-on adapter inside it. It can be attached to any of the four non-functional sides of the light, lending itself to a multitude of mounting options and configurations. This allows you attach the light to a variety of devices (or even chain several of these together), albeit without the active connection of a hot shoe that would automatically sync the light with photos being snapped. You could use it as an "always on" flash, but it seems better suited for making videos, or simply providing atmosphere for a party/video call. There is Bluetooth connectivity, but only for Android at the time of this writing; that may allow for use as a synchronized flash. I don't have an Android device to test this.It is quite bright, and includes several patterns you can select beyond the standard HSI and CCT modes that keep the light on constantly. Lots of solid and flashing color patterns, one that cycles through all the available colors in a calm breathing type pattern, and just solid red. It also comes with a silicone diffuser you can put over the light to smooth things out a little. All these effects would be very useful for setting the scene in a video or stage production, or even a dance party. All modes and scenes have settings that can be adjusted via the buttons on the back or the remote, with a visual interface in the tiny LCD on the back of the light to understand and confirm your changes.The body of the light includes internal magnets for additional placement options. I found the magnets held pretty well as long as the surface I stuck it wasn't too smooth. If it was too smooth, the light was subject to a little bit of sliding down if the object it was attached to shook or moved. I found that placing the silicone diffuser over the back of the light, THEN sticking it to a slick metal surface provided the needed grip to keep it from slipping down.The little remote it came with can perform all the functions that can be accessed from the back of the light if you do mount it or need to control it from a distance. It also has magnets inside, so you stick it anything iron based. it's so small and light that it doesn't slip at all. You can even stick it to the back of the light to keep them together.The pattern of the buttons on the remote is a bit weird; it's like the blanks got loaded in rotated 180 degrees- the up and down buttons are not grouped together like every other remote I have ever seen; the up button is grouped with the "next" button in the circular pattern, and the down button is is a separate group with the "scene" button.

Chris Leow
Nice well built LED light for mobile photos

Pros:- well built and compact enough to chuck in the bag for travels- looks and feels high quality- quite bright within 5ftCons:- the remote needs to be paired again for every use, unless it was turned off via the remote alone. Not sure if that means the light goes into a sleep mode instead of turning off, and how that affects the battery life.- the remote pairing procedure in the manual does not work. Needs multiple presses on the remote to connect and the indicator does not confirm the pairing was done.- with the diffuser on, the light is significantly reduced. Better use as a light protective cover.For my purposes to add a light whenever needed just to brighten up some faces instead of using the harsh built in flash, I think this will do. It could even be handy for some home videos. The range may not be enough for people/objects further away, but I can use the flash to fill in. Trying to see how I could keep the remote without misplacing it, found that it sticks well to the magnet at the back of the light. Problem solved.

Handy mini film light with a couple issues

I was initially interested in this light as a lightweight on camera light and as an accent light.The controls on the light are easy to use and navigate and the light itself is decently bright, it has a much wider color temperature range than a lot of my other lights however it seems that the cool white leds it uses seem to put out a bit of UV in a narrow beam (see picture) causing things to fluoresce and to look a little blue or purple but the diffuser blocks a lot of this out . The warm light leds on the other hand seem to have good color rendering.In the color mode it is fairly easy to specify color as it lets you specify with HSV.As for the effects modes there are a few good ones: Police lights, red alarm light, candle. The other modes are mostly variations of RGB flashing.The light can be controlled with the buttons on the light the included wireless remote or via Bluetooth with an android app. The remote worked well but the app had to be downloaded 3rd party and only for android on top of that it kept crashing.Overall other than the issue with the cool white leds and the app it is a fairly nice mini light, and hopefully they will be able to fix the app issue with an update.PSI really did like the light but the issues with the cool white Leds really caused it to fall short and I would love to see a revised and updated version fix this issue.