Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod

Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod

Elevate your content with ease, capturing stunning shots and eliminating shaky footage.

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Elevate your content with ease, capturing stunning shots and eliminating shaky footage.
Premium tripod for phone and camera
Adjustable Height And Phone Mount Angle
Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control
Add-on gadgets
Max Height:60''

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Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod

Customer Reviews

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Pretty Nice

First the positives - really soft exterior body and heavy duty but not too heavy. The remote is a tiny little button that actually connects to the tripod magnetically and has a pretty strong hold. That remote comes with its own charge chord. At the base of the stick is a little button that says push and when you do this the tripod legs pop out and you can from there control the height. It has 3 points of connection at the top one on each side for accessories as well as 1 on the connector for your phone. The phone connector can be positioned in many different ways very easily. All parts and materials feel really nice durable and high quality. My 1 and only thing that I was looking for that this doesn't really have is a stabilizer built in for on the go vlogging. But overall it is very pretty and condenses enough to easily fit into a backpack on the go.

Useful tripod/selfie stick

This a selfie stick that also works as a tripod. It's sets up quickly and it can hold a phone. Unfortunately, the phone holder doesn't open wide enough for me to use it. I ordered this tripod to hold one of my agility lights that I use for my daughter's volleyball training. Unfortunately, the phone holder is just a fraction of an inch too narrow for me to use it as I intended. I have several other tripods that I plan to use for this purpose and they seem to fit the lights fine. Unfortunately, this tripod won't really work for me

Amazing quality and functionality!!

I am blown away by the KraftGeek 60" Tripod with Bluetooth Remote! I have been searching for a tripod with such great quality and functionality for a while. It has sturdy aluminum legs and durable plastic head which feel incredibly well-made. Love the easy of use on the adjustable legs with a push of a button to unlock, they easily raise and lower depending on your needs. Additionally the adjustable legs allow for stable positioning on any surface, and the rubberized feet prevent slipping or sliding. Best part, It is only 12.5” long when folded up and weighs 15 oz, so traveling with it is a breeze.I was amazed it held my Nikon D500 (3.5 its) firmly and securely, even when extended to 58" height. Also can use my 380 degrees gimbal to make videos. Easily be used as a self stick, and the Bluetooth remote feature adds a whole new level of convenience to great photos.In conclusion, the KraftGeek 60" Tripod with Bluetooth Remote has exceeded my expectations in every way. It is a must-have for any photographer or videographer and has become an essential tool in my kit. I cannot recommend this tripod enough and am confident that anyone who purchases it will be just as satisfied as I am.

Better than what was pictured or described

This is an amazing piece of equipment for the price. The entire unit is either made from very hard plastic or anodized aluminum. The fit and finish are just top notch. The remote works great. Pairing is fast and, once paired for the first time, it connects almost immediately when powered up. There is also very little latency when taking the pic. One thing worth mentioning is that the shutter button on the phone did stop working at one point while i was using the remote. I restarted it and have not had another issue again. Not sure if that was a problem with my phone, an issue with bluetooth, or something else but i'm chocking it up to a fluke since the remote button worked just fine.The only big con (but also pro) that i found is that the pictures and description of the product page do not quite match the actual device that was shipped (see pics). The device is similar to the advertised pics but not 100%. The remote is actually much smaller on the device that i received and it charges via USB-C (not micro USB as described). This is a huge plus for me as I have almost all but phased out micro USB in my workflow devices and use almost all USB-C nowdays. The overall extension from the legs to the base plate is also just shy a couple of inches from the advertised 60" but that's fine since i'll never use it that far anyway since it feels a little sketchy having a $1200 phone hanging out that far on the end of a stick.Overall i'm very happy with this device. For the price, I think anyone would be happy as well providing they are shipped the same device and not something else....

Kevin Calfy
Good selfie stick

Has a good feel in the hand and can extend a long ways. It’s plastic but fairly sturdy plastic and the Bluetooth bottom is in a good position. Really it’s great as a selfie stick. However for a tripod it lacks. If you extend it it doesn’t balance the phone very well. Luckily I got this for the selfi stick and not the tripod. Good size and easy to use just not the best as a tripod.

sturdy and stable selfie stick/tripod

I've owned and tested multiple selfie sticks over the years and I can say I can say that this selfie stick is well built as it feels solid and sturdy when you're holding it. It has a very decent weight to it that means a more stable setup. It is portable that it folds well you can keep it inside your bag while on the move. The included remote was able to pair easily with my phone. The detachable phone holder is flexible and holds the phone secure.The attention to detail, sturdiness and compact design of this selfie stick wins me over current and past designs that I've tested. Only thing that I'll suggest to improve is the phone holder that I wish it's magnetic already but it doesn't affect any functionality and my rating on this excellent selfie stick. I can totally recommend this selfie stick/tripod.

G. Fujiwara
Surprisingly compact, long extension, dual use as a selfie stick or tripod.

Overall: A well designed tripod / selfie stick combination that is easy to use and also made of metal which feels robust. The tripod can be extended 60 inches which makes this tool great for taking family or event photos.What I liked:- Solid construction.- Adjustable "ball" connection allows phone/camera to be easily adjusted for angle or orientation.- Compact for easy travel.Room for improvement:- Folding out the legs needs to start with pressing the "button" at the bottom of the tripod / selfie stick (see photo). This design is counterintuitive as most will be expecting just to pull the legs of the tripod out manually. Doing this can damage the tripod.- Including a storage bag would be nice.

Trisha T.
Has everything I need

I have a couple other Tripods/selfie sticks. There was something I like about each, but always something missing. This tripod has it all. It also has things I didn’t even tho k about before. This has a phone holder that adjusts easily. The holder slides out so you can do landscape or portrait photos and videos at every angle. I always lost the tiny remotes on my other tripods. This one has a magnet and stays in place. The remote comes with a cord to charge it. No more button batteries. The remote was easy to pair and works great. What I didn’t know I wanted was the cold shoe slots. Now I’m looking for some accessories!! The legs even extent for a more stable tripod when extended or leave them in when using it on a tabletop. I know I’m missing things like how durable and sturdy it feels, but this has so many features it’s hard to mention them all.