KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand
KraftGeek Music Stand

KraftGeek Music Stand

NAMM 2024 "Best in Show" award winner. Redefines the traditional music stand.

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This folding music stand can be easily used in gigs and concerts with its no-assembly design. Meanwhile, it has versatile usage with rich add-ons.

Built-in music sheet holder
Compact size and portable
Instant height adjustment
Optional smart-device holder and light
Package:Single Stand

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Go where the music takes you

Small in Dimension

17''/0.43m folded size, 2.56lbs/1.16kg lightweight. The compact & portable design is lightweight and easy to carry. Take your KraftGeek Music Stand to your next gig and travel with ease.

Sitting or standing, to play comfortably

Big in Versatility

With just one pull, you can effortlessly bring your music sheet to any desired height (29-66'' / 74-168cm). Featuring the latest patented technology in its center extension rod. The music stand can instantly halt and sync with your movements.

Easy to Set Up

No Assembly Required

The music Stand is an  all-in-one solution designed with KraftGeek’s unique tripod deploy structure.  Simply unfold in seconds with no assembly required.

One Twist

The tripod legs are  released instantly with one twist. Expand the base by pushing down on the handle sleeve.

Your steadfast music partner

Sturdy & Wind-Proof

Built with high-tenacity 6063 aluminum alloy, the rod, footers, and pillars of this sheet desk are sturdy, ensuring durability and resistance to deformation. It can support a maximum load of 4.4 lbs/2 kg. The desk's beams are crafted from lightweight, anti-corrosion zinc alloy. The whole music stand maintains stability with a bottom-centered gravity. Featuring a 60cm diameter footer, this music stand is ideal for outdoor events.

Wide Compatibility

Wide Viewing Angle

Twist to unlock the upper support and tilt to your desired viewing angle in 205° range. Enjoy comfortable reading with a 30° backward angle.

Hold Books of All Sizes

With the 2‘’/5cm depth metal tray and 16.9*15.4″/43*39cm desk size, the sheet support holds song books of all sizes, as well as papers and tablets.

Product Details

Clear View Clips

Transparent clips that hold your pages without blocking.

Adjust to secure

Double bracing for extra sturdiness.


Secure anti-slip rubber caps to guarenty stability.

Optional Add-ons

Two standard 1/4 inch screw ports extend the functions.

Lumi light

Unfold  the linear light from its compact pocket size. Choose your preferred power  source - either AAA batteries or USB-C and enjoy the convenience of two  adjustable brightness settings.

Flexy Mount

Compatible with smartphones and mini tablets, designed to provide convenient access to digital music  sheets, recording sessions, or live streaming performances.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Excellent music stand

I have used a lot of different music stands in my life. This one is amongst the very best. It is compact, light, and easy to use. It seems to use the same basic design as KraftGeek‘s selfie tripod (which I love). It is nice to have a different color choice. This stand can easily hold big music books. The stand can be adjusted to just about any height you would need for sitting or standing while playing. The reason this isn’t a five star is the pictures lead you to believe there is a light included with the stand (there’s even a pic of it on the box), but there is not (the light that goes with this stand costs a lot). This is a great product, albeit pretty pricey. It would make a great gift and I’d treated well will last a lifetime.

That Guy
Innovative, premium folding music stand

From the packaging to the materials, to the design, everything about this music stand oozes quality. The few plastic parts are robust and feel like they will hold up well to regular use.The stand unfolds and telescopes smoothly. Compared to other attempts at improving the folding music stand, there's no weirdness or confusion about how this one functions.At first glance, the shelf looks too small, but it holds books and sheets just long as you don't need to see three pages at once. The integrated clips are a great detail, as is the threaded insert for a light. The rubbery plastic inserts on the legs will be kind to your hardwood floors.The stand feels a bit heavier in the hand than the standard chrome plated folder, but not to the point where it's too much. For the money, I really think the company should have included a protective slip case. After all, hasn't every folding stand you've ever used included one?KraftGeek has made a very creditable attempt at building a better mousetrap and I applaud them for it. I just wish it didn't cost this much. I mean, we're talking somewhere between 4 and 6 times more than competing products.

N Canjura
Excellent Music Stand

The music stand is very stable, lightweight and portable. I used it to hold music sheets or an ipad and can adjust the height. The top of the stand is made to add a light accessory for reading music in the dark. It folds up easily so it is great for travelling.

Just what I need

First off, let me explain that I am not a real musician. I'm just an old guy trying to learn a bit of guitar, so this may not apply to serious students or performers. That said, this music stand is as perfect as I can imagine. It adjusts from fitting a standing position to sitting, as I use it. The adjustable top bar is particularly useful to me, as it fits not only sheet music but also thick books of popular music, such as the one show in the photo. A clip at the top will make even the thickest book lie acceptably flat. This thing goes from box to set up in less than a minute and stores compactly in a drawer. I do wish it came with a protective bag. The shipping box does not appear it will hold up for long. Minor quibble.

The Brooke List
Sturdy and unique music stand that goes up quickly and holds music well.

We are excited to own this music stand, which is much better than our previous and somewhat flimsy stands my children have used for their orchestra classes and practice. Overall, feels great and works well. However, the price is up there. Some things to consider:Pros:Easy to set up.Sleek and good-looking.Set up for tall pages?Lightweight, but not weightless. Still has some heft.Good adjustability in height and angles.Cons:Still a little hefty. Folds small, but is on the long side.Clear clips that hold the music don't seem especially sturdy.Clear clips extend wider, but not as wide as our open book??

Surprised At How Good It Is

This music stand with it's horizontal bars and clips for holding sheet music is unlike any that we have come across before. It is also sturdier than most as well. It is easy to expand and set up, and closes without too much effort as well. It is portable, but a little heavier than others-- perhaps it it because this one is better quality.It is on the more expensive side for a music stand of similar styles, but I feel that this one will last longer-- perhaps long enough to replace two substandard ones that we used to buy. Overall, I am very pleased with my order.

David O.
Well designed stand, a little hefty

I do occasional live sound and also play bass. I previously tried one of those stands that attaches to the mic stand but it pulled the balance off too much. This stand collapses to a pretty small but dense size. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the accessory ports on the front and top are standard 1/4"x20 which means some other hardware I have for fitting cameras and such fit. I tested sturdiness with my iPad clamp and the base stayed fairly balanced as long as I didn't extend the arm beyond the footprint of the feet. A soft carry case of some sort would have been nice. Price seems a little high but it is designed well and this category isn't as competitive as say camera or cellphone tri-pods to keep the price down.

Very easy to use stand, tall and very presentable. Somewhat heavy.

As a music stand or tablet stand it is very functional. It folds down into a very compact package and will fit any backpack or instrument case. It is very easy to deploy and use and steady. The legs are wide enough that it is unlikely to tip over.It holds your music firmly with its built in clips and it has a 1/4 inch threaded hole facing you into which you can screw a camera holder for example to film yourself or a phone holder for online lessons or jam sessions.I would say it is a little heavy, maybe 2-1/2 to 3 pounds, but it is well build and made to last.Very nice accessory for a musician.