Our Story

KraftGeek began with a mission to reinvent the creative process for artists and creators. We believe that the process of creating shouldn't be bound by the limitations of space but should be accessible to the moment of inspiration. With this conviction, our team of gifted designers and engineers joined together to build tools that are as inspiring as the art they enable.

Today, KraftGeek offers a variety of equipment catering to musicians, artists, and a host of different content creators to provide an aesthetic solution to both the behind-the-scenes work and final displays. All while maintaining the key feature of portability without compromising structural integrity.


Our Mission

KraftGeek’s mission is not merely to promote products but to advocate for a lifestyle of inspiration. Where we seize the moments of awe at our fingertips and unveil the thoughts we treasure.


Quick Facts

  • Users in 50 countries
  • 22M Tripods Sold Worldwide
  • Based in California