Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod
Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod

Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod

Elevate your content with ease, capturing stunning shots and eliminating shaky footage.

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Elevate your content with ease, capturing stunning shots and eliminating shaky footage.
Premium tripod for phone and camera
Adjustable Height And Phone Mount Angle
Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control
Add-on gadgets

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Vlogging Selfie Stick Tripod

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Pretty Nice

First the positives - really soft exterior body and heavy duty but not too heavy. The remote is a tiny little button that actually connects to the tripod magnetically and has a pretty strong hold. That remote comes with its own charge chord. At the base of the stick is a little button that says push and when you do this the tripod legs pop out and you can from there control the height. It has 3 points of connection at the top one on each side for accessories as well as 1 on the connector for your phone. The phone connector can be positioned in many different ways very easily. All parts and materials feel really nice durable and high quality. My 1 and only thing that I was looking for that this doesn't really have is a stabilizer built in for on the go vlogging. But overall it is very pretty and condenses enough to easily fit into a backpack on the go.

Useful tripod/selfie stick

This a selfie stick that also works as a tripod. It's sets up quickly and it can hold a phone. Unfortunately, the phone holder doesn't open wide enough for me to use it. I ordered this tripod to hold one of my agility lights that I use for my daughter's volleyball training. Unfortunately, the phone holder is just a fraction of an inch too narrow for me to use it as I intended. I have several other tripods that I plan to use for this purpose and they seem to fit the lights fine. Unfortunately, this tripod won't really work for me

Versatile, convenient, fun, but not the strongest

This tripod/selfie stick actually looks pretty impressive. The design is smooth and attractive as well as functional. The size is just about right to fit well in a bag or backpack but fits well in my hand. It does not feel bulky.As a selfie stick it can extend pretty far and although it can go to 60” I don’t think it’s suggested. There is a noticeable bow to it when fully extended and I’m using an iPhone 15 Pro Max. In all reality I don’t think you don’t need to go that far out. Functionally, the remote button works well. I like that it can be removed from the tripod and fits right back magnetically on the tripod when you’re done. My remote fell off a few times. The plate for my tripod’s remote didn’t adhere well, which I think may be because it wasn’t cleaned well so the adhesive didn’t really have a chance. I ended up replacing adhesive as well as cleaning both the plate and tripod and the remote hasn’t fallen off since.As a tripod, it does a pretty good job. I like that the mount sits on a ball joint which allows for more adjustability and leveling. The ball joint actually compensates for the tripod because it doesn’t work as well on an uneven surface. The legs extend out to adjust for the unevenness but they don’t lock in place and depending on how the tripod has been placed the legs will slowly slide back. I found that positioning the tripod legs as well as I can and then adjusting the phone mount worked best for me.I find this to be more of the casual and fun tripod/selfie stick to carry around. For more stability I would probably use a firmer and sturdier tripod. Aside from that, I’m still happy with this tripod.

Chi Ly
Versatile Vlogging Tripod - Bluetooth Remote - Stable and Portable - Multiple Accessory Slots

I recently purchased this versatile 60" vlogging selfie stick tripod, and it has greatly enhanced my content creation experience. The extendable tripod stand provides stability for both photos and videos, and the 1/4" screw mount is compatible with various devices. The Bluetooth remote is a handy addition, allowing for easy capturing of shots at a distance. The three cold shoe slots are perfect for attaching multiple accessories simultaneously. The portability of this tripod makes it ideal for travel, and the build quality ensures durability.

It’s a really good stand

Also has an automatic camera remote

Dan Panetti
Great for filming podcast

This stand stands out for its unique 180-degree foot extension, offering great stability. Crafted from strong aluminum, it feels robust and unlikely to break, even with accidental knocks. While I'm uncertain about its stability at full extension with larger devices, the phone arm's ball mount provides a secure grip and includes two additional cold shoes for accessories. The phone holder feels sturdy but might pose challenges for portrait mode shooting due to the top placement of its extra cold shoe. It's perfect for landscape format though. It has been great for filming my podcast when I record by myself. My only gripe is the Bluetooth remote, which, despite being rechargeable via USB C, has limited functionality.

Amazing quality and functionality!!

I am blown away by the KraftGeek 60" Tripod with Bluetooth Remote! I have been searching for a tripod with such great quality and functionality for a while. It has sturdy aluminum legs and durable plastic head which feel incredibly well-made. Love the easy of use on the adjustable legs with a push of a button to unlock, they easily raise and lower depending on your needs. Additionally the adjustable legs allow for stable positioning on any surface, and the rubberized feet prevent slipping or sliding. Best part, It is only 12.5” long when folded up and weighs 15 oz, so traveling with it is a breeze.I was amazed it held my Nikon D500 (3.5 its) firmly and securely, even when extended to 58" height. Also can use my 380 degrees gimbal to make videos. Easily be used as a self stick, and the Bluetooth remote feature adds a whole new level of convenience to great photos.In conclusion, the KraftGeek 60" Tripod with Bluetooth Remote has exceeded my expectations in every way. It is a must-have for any photographer or videographer and has become an essential tool in my kit. I cannot recommend this tripod enough and am confident that anyone who purchases it will be just as satisfied as I am.