Things to Avoid While Buying Selfie Sticks

Things to Avoid While Buying Selfie Sticks

If you’re planning to buy those fancy selfie sticks for a birthday present or for your girlfriend or you’re looking one for yourself then hang on, there are certain minor things that you should know about selfie sticks that will help you in having an great deal at the end.

One of the most common trends that today’s generation share among themselves is taking selfies. From a traveler to college going students no one seems to be immune from this crazy yet simple device that ease your task of taking selfies from a wide angle.

  1. Whenever purchasing selfie sticks online in India,Guest Posting make sure that you don’t under look any specific feature of the stick that you don’t want but end up paying for it. It happens very often that the product that you received differs from what you ordered online. So make sure to read the product description before finalizing the product.
  2. Stay away from those cheap priced selfie sticks; they are of no use and a waste of money. Poor in quality, device holder hangs after 1 or 2 uses and do not hold on to the phones with big mobile covers and the most annoying problem with this cheap selfie monopod is the device compatibility problem.
  3. Next thing that you should keep in mind and most of the people do this mistake very often is that high price doesn’t always means a good thing. Spending some few extra bucks just for the look can be a good option for few people but for someone like me, I would rather pay for the quality instead of visual appearance. So choose wisely not widely.
  4. Before going for those bluetooth selfie sticks with wireless remote controller, remember that these controllers requires constant recharging up to 4 to 5 hours before use and can be a really irritating thing specially for those people who love to travel and face problems like this.
  5. If you’re a traveling junkie who loves to hike, go to new places, taking pictures of yourself then these selfie sticks are the best mate for you. You can try those long range selfie sticks that allow you to take selfies from a wide angle and are suitable to take a group selfie as well. Sticks can extend up to 52 inch which means a good range to take pictures.

If you’ve always feared of taking selfies in pools or near water then you can go with those best selfie stick brand that provides sticks with a plastic waterproof pouch that keep your phone safe from water and dust and these sticks aren’t that costly as well.

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