Perfekte Kombination aus Größe und Funktion.

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KraftGeek Pocket RGB Light ist die perfekte Kombination aus Größe und Funktion. Dieses handflächengroße, wiederaufladbare Licht bietet 3 bis 30 Stunden lang Licht in jeder Farbe und Helligkeit.

Einfacher Anschluss mit 4 Blitzschuh-Steckplätzen und 1/4-Zoll-Montageadapter.
Helligkeit und Farbtemperatur (2500 – 9900 K) stufenlos einstellbar.
Eingebauter 2000-mAh-Akku hält 2500 K für 2–3 Stunden.
Der LCD-Bildschirm zeigt den Lichtstatus präzise an.

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I have had alot of fun learning

Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm not a pro photographer, but these lights have made me feel like one. The LCD screen is super user-friendly, even for a hobbyist like me who isn't exactly a tech wizard. First off, the adjustable hue and brightness are a great start point for me to really learn new skills. The battery is a lifesaver. No need to worry about running out of juice mid-shoot. I appreciate the portability; I can just toss it in my bag and bring it along when I want to show off my full range. Well, let's just say this light makes me look like I know what I am doing even if I am just a happy hobbyist with a camera and some awesome lights!

Jason Dragon
I love this Portable Color LED lights

I adore these portable color LED lights; all you have to do is charge them completely before using them anyplace you choose. This can be used at a party with your pals or if it's bad outside in your city. It is quite easy to use. overall great product.

Frankie E. White
Great little light

Purchased this compact light to add some colorful flair to my photos. While it's not large, it serves my purpose adequately. The available options are good, but operating it feels a bit cumbersome with multiple button presses. A turn knob might offer a smoother experience, reducing the need for so many button presses. Nevertheless, the colors it produces are fantastic. I'm not a pro, but I hope the images I captured can assist you in deciding if this fits your needs as it does mine.

Can’t change the colors to what you want

I mainly got this for the colors it could change to, this wasn’t what was expected. I appreciate how bright it can be however, you cannot change the brightness nor the color. There’s only one button for the colors to change it and they’re preset , so , you’ll have to work around it. Honestly wasn’t sure how I’d put this onto a camera , wish it had a clip for it. It’s nice that there’s a remote for this as well , however the remote is perfect for a shoot only.

Kay r
Very helpful for our purposes

Our business involves crating artwork collections ranging from pictures, paintings, sculptures, statues , masks, collectibles, etc. for shipment or storage. We inspect the items for any issues and fully photograph them. We use a tablet to take the pictures because we need to immediately attach and store the photos as well as perform business functions on the tablet. Many times the items are located in houses or storage facilities with poor lighting for what we require. We have used various lights in the past and often have issues with the light being too bright and washing out the surface or putting too much focused light in one area. Often times flaws on the items will be lost to the camera with improper lighting. Missing, or not documenting flaws or damages will cost us a lot of money.This KraftGeek pocket light has helped solve many of our lighting issues. We use the light as a hand held item and move it around independently of the camera to search for and highlight any flaws. This works best for us as we put the light on the item at different angles that would not work if mounted directly on the camera. The diffuser greatly helps when taking pictures of items with higher gloss or reflective surfaces. The ability to change the hue and tone of the color greatly helps with the various different colors and surfaces of the items. The compact size allows it to easily be held in one hand and to be placed in small pockets. The battery charge easily last the full length of our extended inspection jobs of two to four hours.We rarely use all the functions that this light has to offer such as flashing and pulsating light modes or the remote control, so I can not speak to those options. We have not tried to use or access the app.For our purposes this light performs very well and has given us great service. It is a quality item and I believe a good value.

Maiya Sykes
Beautiful lighting

This device made me feel like a lighting pro. It helped me take really beautiful professional quality pictures using both my phone and my Panasonic camera. The color is adjustable and it provides a noticeable change in the quality of my photos. Fantastic.

So close to perfect...

When I first saw the accessories included with this LED fill light, I thought this might be the best light I've ever had. A cool silicone diffuser, a neat little double ended cold-shoe mount, and best of all... a REMOTE! Sick! Or not...Unfortunately, shortly after opening, I realized my light was DOA. The back lcd screen would light up and display the appropriate information, but the light itself would not come on. So, I exchanged it for another one. No big deal. Thankfully, the second time was the charm, and the light turned on after the first try. I started playing around with it, used it to shoot a few quick videos, and it didn't have any issues. Until I watched some of the footage. I'd used the included diffuser, and didn't realize just how much "diffusing" it was doing. I guess the silicone is just too thick because it simply blocks too much light. The opposite side of this issue is the fact that, without the diffuser, the light is far too focused with the warmer and cooler LED's clearly visible at almost any distance. So, I think this light is probably better suited for a "work" light rather than lighting for videos and pictures.It is a little disappointing, but really it's not a bad light. Not at all. It's actually really nice. The build quality is good, it gets really bright, and the RGB colors are rich and vibrant. In other words, it's not like it's useless. As a matter of fact, I use it all the time. Just not usually during filming.

Brent Wood
Versatile little light!

This is a feature packed light in a small package. Lloyd of options for colors and brightness, and the included remote control adds flexibility in placement for creative situations. Highly recommend!