Photo Tip - Get More Use Out Of Your Tripod, Turn It Into A Monopod!

Photo Tip - Get More Use Out Of Your Tripod, Turn It Into A Monopod!

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Here is a photo tip that will get you more use out of your tripod - and the better photography that comes with it,Guest Posting even when you are in a situation where you may not normally be able to use a tripod!

The photo tripod - that one piece of photo gear we all love to hate! What is the big problem with using a photo tripod?

Frequently when we are out enjoying our photo hobby, we just want to shoot. We never considered that we may need a photo tripod, so when the situation arises, our tripod is in the trunk of the car - a long way away! It seems we never have one with us when we need it.

Tripods ARE often heavy and awkward to carry around. It may be worth your while to get a smaller, lighter one to keep in the car. Save your heavy duty - all the bells and whistles - one for when you actually have to have those features!

Use your lightweight one when you are just out having some fun, and the heavier one when you have a specific shot in mind.

So, now we have a lightweight photo tripod and we decide to carry it with us all the time and generally end up lugging it around all day and never using it! Not because we don't want to use it, but sometimes we can't!

All the photo tips say that to get better photography, we need a tripod, but we are often in situations where we can't use it.

You might be in a seat in the bleachers or possibly stuck in a seat at a concert or maybe the only place you can shoot from has a ton of foot traffic that would keep bumping into and tripping over the tripod. Sometimes - particularly at weddings, the action is hot and heavy and you have to keep moving.


Here is what you do. Turn your tripod into a monopod! All you have to do is extend one leg on the tripod instead of all three! Then handle it the same way you would a normal monopod.

Using your tripod like a monopod will instantly solve a lot of the problems of shooting with a tripod.

With only one leg extended, it will easily fit in the space in front of your seat, and since it is straight up and down and you are holding it - no one is likely to trip over the legs and so on. Plus if done correctly, using a monopod can be as stable as using a tripod!

Today's photo tip - for better photography, turn your photo tripod into a monopod - won't save you from lugging your tripod around, but it can get you more stable shots in places where you normally couldn't use a tripod! For more information, check out the resource box!

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